I love the movies, and I love survival horror games! It is just fun to get all scared but be in a safe place! The adrenaline is such a fantastic rush!! The first game I must have played was Resident Evil, and the first movie I had watched was maybe Night of the Living Dead! 

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if you liked Night of the Living dead,try watching the 1991 Remake by Romero friend Tom Savinii, staring Patricia Tallman. Savinii is the one that did the Effects for the original dawn of the Dead, and his Adaptation of Night was great. even tied it in with Dawn of the Dead. so take a peek at it.

OMG! I so love zombie films (George Romero) all the dead films he made.<br />
The Resident Evil films<br />
Any film with zombies I will watch...but I do have to point out there not all are made very well (the really bad bad zombie films) they do not do justice to the zombie movies.