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Unfortunately for you, what the ex-Mormons have to say are not lies. That is what this is all about, to let people know the truth about a church built on lies and an organization that embraces deception to lure people into its ranks and enslave their minds and bodies to serve the ideas of a false prophet and a religion that destroys lives while claiming to save souls.


* Mormons are NOT Christians as they do not believe in the same Jesus as the rest of Christianity. Yet they will openly lie about it because this makes them more acceptable to the rest of the general population.

* Mormons, at the very least the initial scriptures, looked upon blacks as slaves and even after death they re cursed to remain this way regardless of how righteous their lives were.

* The Heavenly Father was a man of flesh and blood who ascended to godhood. A man who visited the virgin Marie to father his son Jesus and allow him to rule over this world. Like them, Mormon men are told that they can become gods themselves, a statement that goes directly against the First Commandment.

* Missionaries are tasked and instructed to recruit as many as they can, although they will all claim otherwise because they have been told and trained to do so.

* Mormons believe in the sanctaty of family only as long as all members are part of the Mormon faith, any other family is seen fit to be destroyed and ripped apart if a single person can be drawn into the faith.

These are just a few of the countless lies that permeate the Mormon / LDS Church, lies that have been used since the very start and are still being told today to lure more people into a falsehood that will destroy the USA if not brought to a stop.
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Very true... I'm glad you're spreading awareness. Keep up the good work, and I sincerely hope you are safe from their clutches now...