Hannah's Book Review: Naughty Knicker Flasher

Here's the cover of an odd little book I found on ebay recently, turned out to be a fun read for just a couple of pounds. Seems to have been a parody of "Girl's Own Adventures," aimed at the spanking crowd. Reads as saucy rather than sexy, with lots of gratuitous undressing scenes for those into gymslips and knickers (the title more or less says it all).

Here's the text off the back cover, explaining the "plot" (for lack of a better word):

At barely sixteen years of age, Virginia Winyard was completely out of control. Expelled from school shortly prior to exams, she was packed off to the infamous Lainsbury Academy to complete her education.

Once there, Virginia soon discovered that "inappropriate" behaviour was rewarded with the most dire consequences, including whippings, canings and bare bottomed spankings!

Running afoul of Head Mistress Cambell and her senior prefects, Virginia struggled to survive a regime of rigorous discipline which would reduce any lesser girl to weeping, helpless submission...

Book 1 in The Lainsbury Chronicles.
Real Life Spanking Series.

(underlining as in the original, BTW)

As you can see, not exactly King Lear, but I'll be looking around book 2 anyway. The pics and storyline reminded me of the old "St. Trinians" movies of the 1960s, quite amusing for someone who remembers the days of box-pleats, plimsolls and navy blue gym-knicks :)
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I used to love reading these types of books which usually had a whole list of simular theamed books in the back