My Preferred Complete Cardio/high Impact /energy Busting Workout Class

Alright, let's get down to the very fact, the only reason why i signed up for a lifestyle gym that's more costly than the neighbourhood gym is simply to workout anytime i want and busting that damn body out with 2-3 cardio classes in a single go. I'm not there to waste my time or make friend. I'm all geared and invested in cardio classes (and only cardio/weight resistance classes for now), so i would prefer maximum cardio/high impact workouts which would guarentee to bust every single energy in your body during that 1 hour workout. That is, that 1 hour should burn out at least 80-90%% of your energy, busting your body flatly after the workout. If it's nothing close, it's purely flower power. I'm sure the instructors are great in their own way, but i'm not there to prance around for fun time, i'm there to burn fats and keep fit and i would like to presume, the rest of the members are probably there (especially those attending cardio classes) for the same reason. Can i request workouts to have less spinning around/turning etc that make us giddy, i just don't see how spinning n turning in circles help us burn fats in maximum capacity in any way? If i want a relaxed workout, i would have joined those stretch/dancing classes with incorporated weight workout (what a great idea! :) i reckon i'll probably start joining those classes after i burn out or bust and tone up that fat body). Yeay, glad the old regular instructor is still around, he's the best, the old instructors are the best. They do and include proper warm up exercises before starting a strenuous workout :), that should be the proper way, to prevent injuring our muscles isn't it. Of course, i ain't instructor, but i'm like a super workout fanatic a decade ago and i've done like tons to know what kind of workouts can effectively help me burn fats without injuring my muscles.

Burn burn burn bust that body.
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Jan 9, 2013