Making A Difference

Started working out at 15 because I was a runt. Smallest boy in school. I gained a little weight and felt fantastic. I wasn't getting taller but getting stronger and it was helping me in all the sports I played. I also noticed that I felt great after a workout and that too was a positive for me. Over the years I have continued to use a regular workout as my way to keep me feeling good and gave me a little boost in self esteem. I felt that once I worked out I could handle any situation and deal with anyone. So it became my way of preparing for a meeting, dealing with clients or just life. People who have never experienced the feeling I have after a workout will never understand why I do it. But I know that without getting hooked on weight training I may have had a totally different life. It kept me healthy, raised my self-esteem, gave me confidence and has been the place I could go to recharge my batteries. I defend my workout time as my personal time and get a little irritated when I have to miss it. Those who know me understand it's importance to me and therfore are happy to indulge this vice. I wish everyone could experience the benefits of taking time to do something for themselves like working out. Might make a difference in some of their lives. It has in mine.
dayminder2012 dayminder2012
61-65, M
Jan 7, 2013