My Morning Routine

I exercised for a half hour this morning, and I hadn't gotten out of bed yet! 

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Age doesn't matter<br />
When ballz is the batter!<br />
<br />
El, lighten up. I can take care of any pervs. There's that wonderful little delete option, and no, I haven't used had to use it!

Over 50 is corny<br />
when they are horny.

Just curious. Does wanton exhibitionism of this stripe attract those bothersome pervs? I'm just sayin'. It is what it is, and whatnot. It's all good, except for the parts that aren't.

Ha! You said stroke!

It's big stroke of luck when she gets a good.... Oh, did I say that out loud?

Same as you, I like a good screw!

Good one, When. <br />
I must, I must, I must express the lust!

shtupped? Is that Yiddish? I'll have to remember that. Myonis always says yup to a shtup!

You know how EP has a "Mood Chart" that plots your recent moods on a graph? Maybe you could post a "morning exercise" chart for us; let us know how routinely you're being shtupped.

I'm glad you like my okey dokey thing. I've said it all my life. My husband likes it, too.

Just wait. I found the best card ever. He's going to tear his hair out. You'd better take care of the poor guy. Feed him and make sure he works out every morning!

Thanks. That's just great. Now I'll get to hear 10 minutes of "Is Myonis craaaazy??" on the phone later this morning. ;)

Mornin', Nyxie! Thanks for coming in again with the reminder. <br />
Excuse me, I have some mail to send.

*sigh* Again, this is not going to end well...

Uh Oh, El. I think it's time I exercised my obnoxiousness.

Amazing. I thought the only exercise you ever got consisted of flinging trite, cloying, obnoxiously sentimental Greeting Cards across the room. Hey, I'm just sayin' - it is what it is.

Ya know I am being suckered into this too. With every comment I am thinking......*hmmmm I wonder what they are saying now* and then I am laughing harder with every comment on this story!!!!


Hey, bassy! I'm related to P.T. Barnum. There's a sucker born every minute.

Oh you so suckered me in with this story-lol<br />
You naughty girl!-lol

OMG stop I am laughing my *** off !!!!

I always say "Okey Dokey" to a Pokey.

Yes she did!!! <br />
<br />

Heh heh heh. Myo said "Pokey."

hahahahahaha that is the kinda exercise I enjoy!!!

Oh for god's sake, ballz... I believe we did the Hokey Pokey at the skating rink in 7th grade, didn't we? Now it's just the Pokey and we're much better at it.

My favorite is push ins,

What is your favorite exercise, push ups or pull downs?


Absolutely! Then you'll have to do the same to ballznbattz!

Man, am I going to have to flag your randy ***?

I suggest every morning. Seriously. It gives my abs a great workout. Proper positioning is paramount, of course.

HA-HA I came in this story to give you the <br />
<br />
'atta girl' for having forced yourself into a grueling workout today....<br />
<br />
What a fun and pleasant surprise... I have to remember to do this workout as much as possible...<br />
<br />
~ drunk dialing ....... ~

HaHa. Funny, Nyxie. I lie in wait for 2 hours , like he's prey or something. I can always work out again on my own after he leaves. I have some great workout equipment for that!

So how long do you have to wait for Mr. Myo to leave to start your workout?

The right kind of exercise is always good.

It's gawd awful, that's for sure. I can't get my brain to function after 9:00 A.M. and I'm dead right after dinner. But the exercise seems to help a little. =)

It's due to the fact I wake up at 4:00 and wait for the exercise to begin 2 hours later! I don't think you can exercise too hard with this type of activity.

You're right. It puts a little lilt in his step. I think it's even better that he leaves me with a smile! <br />
Stevester, flying solo is always cheaper, too.<br />
And I am a nut. Healthy is all relative. My mind is mush today.

Round here it's hard to get an escort to turn up that early.

Sending them off to work with a smile is good for business.

Oh, that's not fun. I always have an exercise partner.

I tried that exercise every day for a year but had to stop. Started to look like a fighting crab, one arm was twice the size of the other.

I'm so smug right now I can't even believe myself.


It's a great way to start your day, that's for sure!