Parking Lot Fun

Its cold outside but that doesnt stop me. The piles of snow are huge and i always park beside one so my driver door is next to the mountian of snow. I cant wait to get naked but i watch for a while and enjoy the occasional woman walking past my car. my penis is hard beyond description as I slide my pants down. In only seconds precum forms at the tip of my penis. I kick my pants off. For a while i just sit and ********** and watch the women walk past... guys walk past to. Then when it feels right, Idont know what triggers it i remove the rest of my clothes. I open the car door and stand outside the car. My **** is throbbing and i hope to be seen. I get back in the car when all of a sudden a woman is approching. Her car is parked next to mine and i cant cover up in time. she sees that in naked through my passenger window. She looks niether attracked to or discusted to my behavior. Thats when i feel my **** pulste and a fountian of *** erupts from my dickhead. I watch her face and as she gets in her car she smiles at me.
publicpeter publicpeter
Jan 18, 2013