My Hot Wife

When we married I knew my wife enjoyed nudity and was an exhibitionist. We share those two interests. We are also Christians and we don't have a problem with nudity, exhibitionism or adventurous sex.

On our honeymoon we went to a place that had casitas with individual small pools. Most of our honeymoon was spent naked in the casita and in the pool. Usually a guy would come about midmorning to clean the pool and we would be lounging by the pool. My wife did not have a problem with him seeing(staring) at her, and obviously enjoyed it. I did as well.

Our first morning there we were having sex when two maids came in. We were ******* cowgirl and Abby did not stop when she saw them. They cleaned the room in between glances at us, and would laugh and chatter in Spanish. The next morning about the same time we were lying in bed playing and fondling when they came in. I was fingering Abby and rubbing her ****, and I asked them if they didn't think she had a very nice *****. One of them nodded and said,"yes, but I like better your ****." We all laughed and laughed.

Abby likes to show off to pizza delivery guys, repair guys, hotel room service, etc. I am always there for safety and the guys really are surprised and glad to see her. I admit it is a turn on for me to watch their expressions and enjoyment. My wife is a very conservative, disciplined lady, but at home and in bed she is a wildcat and I love her!
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Thanks for sharing. Your wife sounds very familiar.

I know my wife is an exhibitionist, especially from the safety of my acceptance, more an admiration really. That is, she is shy but knows she is safe in our relationship such that she has a safe place or secure love from where she can venture out and explore her exhibitionism then return to her all business, Church going alter ego womanhood.

And business associates and friends wonder, when most of them have been or are divorced, why we have such a strong relationship after all these years. ;)

Keeping sharing!

Does Abby like to show off by wearing thong or g string panties?

she likes to show off by not wearing any panties. she does wear g strings and thongs if necessary. crotchless panties are also in her wardrobe. I like her to wear those when she wears a dress to the movies. it is easier to run my hand up her dress during the movie and play.

Very much liking the sound of that ;)