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Shopping In See-through Shorts

Today I went shopping in see-through shorts with no underwear. I had taken white mesh sports shorts can cut the liner out. I went to two goodwill stores. I am not sure if anyone noticed or if they could really see much. It may try wearing dark string bikini underwear. That would be seen. Anyone out there have any stories or ideas of creative ways for men to enjoy exhibitionism? Would love to hear from some of the ladies. I should ad that I am male. But love to read stories from both, male and female.

hwymiles2727 hwymiles2727 61-65, M 16 Responses May 30, 2008

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I'm a fun of see through boxer shorts and briefs. I have also a tailor made boxer see through short which I wear in the massage parlor. it looks attractive for the therapist to see a see thru short that I'm wearing. They say that it is very sensual to look rather than totally naked. So with that comments I was totally aroused and even getting harder. they love to see may butt......

I'm too chicken to wear outside the white mesh shorts that I cut out the lining, also, like you guys have. But I do have a cleaning lady that comes every other week that really enjoys seeing me in them. I do sometimes get hard while around her. She has never objected. At first I didn't realize how much she could see through them until I looked in a full length mirror with my back to the window. It was like I had nothing on. Wow! So I figured, what the heck, she has already seen it all and kept looking so why stop now.
I wear them freeballing when she is here sometimes and she can hardly keep her eyes off of my package. LOL Great fun and a real turn on.

Hi Hwymiles,
Just found your post here and it turns out I went jogging just yesterday in my black see through running shorts. Like you I bought those with the mesh holes all through and removed the lining.
But they were still full leg length so I cut them off so they are as short as those really short running shorts you see that split right up the leg. At the back they just don't quite cover my butt cheeks and at the front the material just covers my balls if you don't look from the side too much. Under it I wear a small string round the waist and round my **** to hold it up as otherwise it would fall out the bottom.
I chose early morning so the light wasn't too revealing and a park which is very little frequented at that time of the morning.
Nevertheless I went up and jogged along the side of the road where passing cars could see clearly and then down across the oval and through a play area. While there another jogger went past and obviously saw me but said nothing.
It was a HOOT !
It's difficult for me to see exactly how they appear to others but would be happy to post some pictures if there was a way to do that here.
Also to meet other men who enjoy this sort of thing.

I think you should continue wearing the see-through shorts with no undies.<br />
You can always interrupt the view and take in the scenery

I love wearing mesh short in stores with lining cut out with some loud colored bikini panties which I wear backwards to cover less booty and im a guy. Then bend over in front of females to give better view.

I love to wear very short see thru running shorts of any color and a jockstrap. If I am running in the woods, I sometimes let go of the shorts and run wearing the jock only. Whenever I am shopping for shorts, I try to find the thinnest fabrics possible. It always makes for a more interesting workout.

I hope we can have a summit wearing all see throught shorts or anything the same

Like wearing light blue, split side running shorts with light pink bikini panties underneath while playing golf. always makes my older gent foursome lose concentration! Especially when picking Balls up, they certainly seem to enjoy the show.

I like to wear onionskins shorts with the liner cut out. If it rains you look practically naked.

I'm a guy who wears see thru white short shorts or pants. The kicker is I wear lepord print panties under them that are CLEARLY VISABLE. The pants are really tight too!. It's sooo much fun.

Just wear anything with very short but large diameter legs, Like shorts to large for you, but with a belt to keep them up high.. That way all can see when it comes out. You could manipulate them when you sit down in a restaurant so persons you want to see will.

I recommend soccer shorts, maybe white...with nothing else on. Try matching the shirt though, it will look good and get some attention if that is what you are after. I like the newer adidas climalite fabric, which is available on the longer shorts as well. I wear the longer adidas shorts (mid length, not too long) at the gym and they care quite comfy. Look out though, depending on color they WILL be revealing!!!

i ran a mararthon and the temperature got to 105 f. i was weaing white nylon running shorts when i looked down everything was visible through my sweat drenched shorts....and i was running past thousands of people......the nylon was wrapped hard around my cxxx.....i was too hot and tired to care ...never wore those shorts again.................

Sorry I'm not a girl, but I always wear super short running shorts with the liners cut out. My penis can be seen very easily bouncing around when I am running. Sometimes it gets hard, but I just keep going since I cannnot conceal it with split side shorts!

White see-through shorts with a white thong look's good

You can wear a thin white top, the ones that reveal half your lower stomach and tie up behind your back. Be braless.<br />
Along with that, go with a really short see-through mini-skirt with no panties.<br />
Go to any store you want. You will get glances!!

Drive naked. Wear a **** ring with no underwear and thin shorts. Leave your fly open when going commando. Be naked at home. Be nude at the beach, any beach.<br />
<br />
Jack - Sorry not a lady