Love To Give A Show At A Hotel

i used to date a hot woman that got so turn on ******* on the bed in front of a wide winow in a hotel with the curtain wide open and the lights on. i got to tell you i got hot doing it but not as hot as she did, once we where on vacation and there was a hotel across from us and she told me it was show time and ***** down and when to the window we where on the 6 yjr floor and all the window where still open across from us aand she put her *** against the window as i **** her hard from the rear and she told me there was a couple on there bed ******* too i looked and the woman wave at us and i wave back jkust as i wave to the couple my lover had a major *** and really pushed her big **** against the window, and she told me to look at the room across from us and there was a sign that the woman held under her **** asking do you two want to party and my lover got a large white paper and put on it yes, and soon our phone rang and my lover got the phone and it was the couple from the other hotel and ask if we where still game for some swinging and she told them yes as long as the woman was bi we would party with them, they said they be over in 10 minutes could see them dressing and we stay nude no scene dressing to undress to play soon there was a knock at the door and the couple came in and they ***** down and said which one couple going to **** at the window and who got the bed, my lover grasp her other man **** and when to the window and the other woman got on the bed in the doggly position and i slide into her so wet *****, all during the night we all took turns at the open window, you should seen all the curtains come open when the girls moved a table over in front of the window for some ***** eating. that was a wild and crazy night.
lanehenry lanehenry
56-60, M
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

You are very lucky. Would love to have anything like that happen to us.