Love To Show

When i look back it all started ...

Ever since i was young playing the doctor and nurse type games with my mate, his sister and this other girl (we all lived in the same street.) i realised i was much bigger down there than him even back then, as we got older the games got more serious and the difference in sizes got even bigger and they were in awe of it which boosted my self confidence alot as you can imagine.

It wasn't long before i wanted to show it off every chance i got and this is where i picked up on the trick of leaving the bathroom door unlocked, this is a good way to get caught and act innocent hehe and the amount of times ive had people walk in on me aswell, it was especially good because i had/have alot of mates with sisters and fit mums who have given mixed reactions.

But there are many other places like at the doctors,the gym,school,college,the beach and at parties where ive taken the chance and got many a fond memory and story to tell..


ErikShun ErikShun
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Maybe it's your own insecurity or personal issues that's led you to coming onto here and trying to irritate me but i can promise you that im not phased one bit by your comment. I know it's not a huge **** but it is a nice **** and many many people have told me so both face to face and via the net. I'm both confident and proud of what i have. So take a good look at yourself in the mirror because i will carry on happy and content.

Let me tell you it's not that big lol