Like Being Watched By A Voyeur During Sex

Not sure how much of a blatant exhibitionist I am, but being a semi-secret one is a turn on. I have had sexual experiences that involved having a third party in the room either watching or participating, and that can sometimes be hot, but a bigger turn on for me is being watched by strangers while having an encounter with someone in a semi-public place, like outdoors in the woods or a car in a parking lot at night. Years ago, I had sex with a boyfriend while swimming in the water at a crowded public beach. We just acted like we were hugging, but meanwhile, more was going on beneath the surface. I've also been involved in sexual acts in cars while I knew people were watching and didn't attempt to stop or hide what was going on. I also like the idea of someone peeking in through a peephole, a window, or a crack in the door, kind of knowing they're there, but with neither myself, the person I'm with, or the voyeur openly acknowledging it.

Think it would also be hot to be pumping/expressing milk in a car and catch someone watching, or to breastfeed a man while another one watched somewhat (but not entirely) discreetly.

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wow, all of those situations are too hot.

Fabulous story. I think the exhibitionist activities you outlined are all terrific and would undoubtedly give you a huge thrill acting them out. Very exciting and arousing to the voyeur. I would love to be th eperson peeking in through a peephole, a window, or a crack in the door, and you kind of knowing i am there, but neither you nor the person you are with acknowledging it.<br />
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Personally I like to watch and be watched. Have you been in a situation where you were part of two couples in close enough proximity to "feed" off of the energy and intimacy of the other... to the benefit of both? I would be quite interested in participating in that before I die.

I love to watch and love being watched.<br />
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I am curious if you have ever had fun at a public park or beach and allowed a good looking male stranger to see your body w. your hubby showing you off?

Understand how you feel. Don't mind someone watching but would prefer no acknowledgment.

Definitely wasn't me. I wasn't anywhere near Florida at that age, and also my bf and I weren't all that concerned about others noticing, lol. But I'm glad I helped rekindle that memory for you.

You know it fascinating that you mentioned the episode at the beach with your boy friend. Im sure it probably wasnt you as we are about the same age, but when I was 14 I went to Ormond Beach in Florida with my friend and his family. I was sitting in the beach and noticed a couple out in the water just beyond the surf. I could tell that they were doing more than just hugging in the water (she had her arms around him and they were in that position for a good bit of time). They kept looking around as if they were making sure no one was watching them. I of course had dark sun glasses on, and turned my head to appear as if I was looking off in another direction. My eyes however were turned directly at them, and I watched them until they evidently finished and came up out of the water onto the beach. Reading that just rekindled that memory.

sucking on a full breast is the best.

Pregnant sex to me is one of my favorites. I have had two wifes now and have enjoyed them both pregnant. I developed a taste for breast milk and would drink it down anytime wifey wanted to get some relief. One of my favorite positions is her on top of me, riding me good while I squeeze the breast milk all over my body.

Some women can't stand their bodies when they're pregnant, but some of us love our bodies even more this way (even when the belly gets a little hard to carry around).

I recently had a very erotic experience watching a pregnant woman who was sunbathing. She was alone on the beach when I came upon her from behind. She was behind some rocks so I'm sure she didn't see me coming. She was laying on her back and her top wasn't quite covering enough of her engorged breasts. I could see part of an areola just poking out a little bit, so I stopped to watch for a while. She was wearing a hat so I'm pretty sure she couldn't see me where I stood.<br />
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After a while she adjusted her top a bit. She pulled it up to expose her breast then carefully placed it down so each nipple was just covered. She had lovely, erect, suckable nipples. It was so hot. Then she did the same for her bottoms, giving me a good view of her bush. After all this I had a big hard-on so I suck my hand in my shorts and started rubbing myself.<br />
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Then as I was stroking myself she pulled her top down totally and exposed both of her breasts and sunned them for a while! Wow. Such big breasts and long, erect nipples! I couldn't help myself and came all over my shorts.<br />
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What an erotic experience.<br />
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I now have a new appreciation for pregnant women.