Showing And Doing

My wife and I both are exhibitionists from the standpoint of enjoying nudity as much as possible. Friends and neighbors are accustomed to our lifestyle around home - nude most of the time.  If they see us on the patio, they call out so we can throw a towel over us while they join us to chat.  We also have friends who visit occasionally that we greet at the door naked, since they know it's our style!  We don't have perfect bodies, but we like the freedom nudity brings us.

The "doing" part is the ultimate for exhibitionists:  ******* while others watch and/or play and participate.  Being nudists means there's certainly no issue with us getting naked.  We enjoy sex and are relaxed about it, so we have no issue letting others see what we're doing.  In some cases, others are invited to join us in various sex acts.  Sex is another form of communication that people need to learn to relax and enjoy more!  It's definitely a fun type of exhibitionism!!!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

i do wish i lived in your town and was a close friend of both of you, also a nudists and do so love having people watching me do it, i would so love to see your wife giving you head and hearing your moans as she do her deep thorting of you, would also love to share your hot tub with your so hot wife ,would love for her to sit in my lap and having the water jets working on her ***** as i **** her with you watching, and if she ask for other things i be more than glad to do her always love your storys

Sounds like fun! Where do you live?

I'd love to meet your wife. Sarah has a lot to offer.

would love to do you in front of other hon