Vilified Again

Again I have had my good name dragged through the mud because of my, so far, right to free speach and expression. I, at times, have posted photo's of couples in this site and others that showed a man with an erection. Some of these photo's, I indicated, were taken at nude beaches or resorts.
I have, again, been informed that these photo's were not of real nudists or at real resorts because real nudist men do not get erections at real nude beaches or nude resorts. And certainly wouldn't have sex there.
Folks, I have been to real nude resorts and I have had, and seen men with, erections. Rock Haven in Murfreesboro, Tn. is about as real as you can get and men get erections and have sex there. It isn't as much in the open there as at, say, SunAura but it happens. And I am glad. I am a straight male, but I love to see a man get an erection in the presence of a beautiful woman. Even better, is an erection in the hands of a beautiful woman. Even better than that, my erection in the hands of a beautiful woman. In fact, I was about to write a story about mine being in the hands of a beautiful woman when this rant was flung on me.
Now, my getting a hard on at a resort is no big revelation. I freely admit, and wrote a story about the fact, that I am no nudist. I just like to be, and be seen, naked. And I like to see others naked. Simple as that.
So, in reply to my critics, I am going to be posting photo's of couples from beaches and resorts around the country. In these photo's, the men will not have erections. They will have hard ons. A hard on is an erection with a purpose. Some of these photo's I have taken myself but most are from others. And all will anger some but, hopefully, most of us will just enjoy them.
Later folks.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

If some say that erections don't happen at a nudist resort or beach, they are lying! lol

Love it. An exhibitionist gets sexual enjoyment from being seen naked and in sexual situations. Sexual enjoyment by a male generally leads to an erection. Great pic of a guy enjoying being seen.