Having Sex In A Hotel Balcony

few months ago me and my ex gf went to a vication.
after we unpack our stuff, we started to get really horny and naughty..
we started to take our clothes off, and have sex all around the room..
we did it on the bed, on the couch, in the shower, and on the floor..
and then for one sec we tought that we had sex in every place in the room, then i remembred that we can do it in the balcony..
my ex gf was afraid at first.. but after few sec she sayd OK..
we started to have a crazy sex infront the all street, and the people that was in the hotel pool. we was in the 3 floor so everybody saw us.. it was crazy and everybody took pictures of us.. i really liked to have sex infront the all street.. i really like to expose myself..
this is the most crazy expirience i ever had..
hope u like it :)
rafaelsok rafaelsok
22-25, M
Dec 2, 2012