Early Experience

My earliest, most significant, CFNM happened when I was probably about 10 or 11ish.
I used to be friends with a girl of the same age who lived in the same estate as me. We would often play next to some woods and a beck that ran just behind our houses.
One day we were down there as usual just hanging about, her younger cousin was also there, she was about 3 years younger than us two. The suggestion of showing my bits had never occured previously, so I was a little shocked when my friend asked if I would take my clothes off for her as she'd never seen a boy naked before. I obviously felt a little bit shy, but constant encouragement from her and her younger cousin convinced me that I should.

We went into the woods and found a nice secluded area. With the pair of them watching, I proceded to take all my clothes off. I remember being extremely turned on, I remember my **** being hard. Once I was naked the pair of them just stood and inspected me, when I was told 'very nice, I took that as my cue to hastily get dressed again

The best bit of the story was that wasn't the end. We continued to hang around with each other, in fact for the next couple of years until I moved away with my family. When we used to fall out of disagree, she used to use the event to threaten me with telling my parents what i'd done in the woods. The thought of my folks knowing really frightened me, so I used to plead with her not to, instantly surrendering the arguement and backing down to her way of thinking, my plead was always 'please, i'll do anything'
It was those words she then started to use against me by getting me to ***** naked whenever she wanted me to. Sometimes I used to think she would deliberately start arguements just so she could force me to ***** naked wherever we were. Although I used to protest, I loved that power she had over me, and the more I did it, the more power she had.
She would also invite some of her friends from school to watch the show, sometimes I would be stood naked and hard in front of 4 or 5 girls. She never touched me, none of the other girls ever touched me, I was never forced to touch myself, just ***** and be observed

I think it was these experiences which really got my hung on CFNM
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i would love to be asked to jerk off in front of a group of females so hot