Shop Girl

Several years ago, I worked in a Coastal town for a retailer as store manager. Opposite my store was a girls clothes shop.
It seemed to be that whenever I was changing window displays, there was a girl in the shop opposite doing the same with the window over the way, about 20 feet away. This girl was about 19, medium build. Anyway we got to smiling at each other and looking out for each other.
After weeks of this, one day her boss came over with her name and number on a piece of paper and told me to give her a call. I was married at the time so politely texted and said sorry, I'm married but flattered.

We did continue to look out for each other and occasionally text each other hello.
One day whilst stretching in the window, I got a text complimenting me on my arse and asking if I was going to give it a flash. I joking text back that I was saving myself for a full nudity show in my office window, 2 floors up but again facing the store opposite. Expecting her to laugh it off I was surprised when she seemed keen and asked when.
For the next couple of weeks she kept teasing me about this flash. Sunday staffing had just me ANC one other member of staff normally, so if I was in my office I knew I'd not be disturbed, so I told her if she's in on Sunday I'll do it then.
When Sunday came I was ready to bottle out, but when I got a text saying I'm going out for a cigarette break, I want to see you in the window.
With heart racing and my **** throbbing I went up into my office and there she was, smoking and looking up. I stood and ******** naked showing my naked body and now rock hard ****

It started a series of displays on Sunday's, needless to say it became my favourite day off the week progressing to me wanking in the window for her
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Jan 6, 2013