My Sister

My sister saw me naked when we were younger on holiday. I'm 4 years older than my sister, I guess I was about 14/15 at the time, so obviously my sister will have been 10/11.
We never ever got on when we were growing up to be honest, always fighting and winding each other up. It was a surprise then that on a holiday my parents chose to room us together.
We were away on a family holiday, somewhere on the South Coast, can't remember exactly where. The hotel we were staying in had adjoining rooms, so my parents were in the room next door.
As you do on holiday, we were allowed to stay up a bit later than normal, often in the hotel bar. When we went to bed, my sister was normally quite tired and would most often fall asleep very quickly. This allowed me to turn on the TV and flick through the channels. There were a couple of channels that would show, almost, soft ****, more Eurotrash type programmes which I would watch with the sound turned down, it was normally in German anyway, and have a fiddle under the covers whilst my sister slept in the bed next to me.
One night early in the holiday, I was partaking in some fiddling when from nowhere my sister spoke out, 'what are you doing?', instantly I turned the TV over and stopped what I was doing, I probably just made some excuse and forgot about it. However, my sister obviously wasn't fooled and the next night, when I thought she was asleep, she suddenly sprung out of bed and tried to rip the duvet away to see what I was up to. I grabbed the bed clothes and managed to conceel my dignity. Obviously now desperate to see what I was doing, my sister prompted 'does Dad know you watch these programmes?'. Panicking now I tried to cover my tracks by claiming I was just channel hopping.
'well I'm going to tell him' she said
'please don't' I begged 'I was just flicking channels
'show me what you were doing and maybe I won't tell him'
After some prompting and the fear of my dad finding out, I pulled the covers back to reveal, my now limp, penis with my pj bottoms pulled down just below.
'what were you doing to it?' she asked
'I just had an itch' I probably said, just trying to get out of my embarrasing predicament
'No you weren't, show me or i'm telling dad!'
So, with reluctance I started wanking my **** till it got hard
'I can't see properly for the rest of your clothes, take them off'
So there I was, laid in bed, with the covers pulled down completely naked, wanking over the TV whilst my sister watched me
Getting close to ******* I tried to say 'I've had enough now, I'm going to stop'
'I want to see what happens, keep going. Don't make me tell Dad'
So i kept going until I shot my small load over my belly

Racked with guilt I pleased 'You won't tell Dad?'
'I might not' replied my sister before turning over and going back to sleep

So that became the theme of the rest of the nights, me naked whilst my sister watched as I jerked off. In fact the hotel room became almost a no clothes zone for me whilst my parents weren't around under the threat of my dad finding out from my sister

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Jan 7, 2013