Swimming Pool Changing Rooms

I actively try and put myself in a position where I will be seen naked by people, but in thsi story, fate handed me the opportunity on a plate and I didn't have to work for it

Years ago I used to frequent a gymn on an evening, about twice a week. The changing room was there for guys who used the gymn and also the swimming pool, which could be accessed through a passageway just next to the showers.

One evening, having just finished a session of gymn work, I was in the changing rooms. Around the times I was in the gymn, the place was normally very quiet and this night I had the changing rooms all to myself, which to be honest, wasn't very uncommon.
So I was enjoying the space and, as usual, headed for the show. Obviously the changing rooms were split by sex, so there was no need to keep any clothes on. I was just stood under the shower enjoying the feel of the hot water running over my body.
As I mentioned, the swimming pool was accessed by the coridoor next to the showers which ran next to the female coridoor and both opened out next to each other at pool side. SO there I was, naked as the day and enjoying the warm water when I heard that someone was coming into the changing rooms from the swimming pool area. Expecting to see a male I was surprised when a young female, who had obviously not noticed the archaic signing of blue and pink coridoors and had happened upon the wrong changing rooms.
I am rubbish when it comes to ages, but I would have to say young teen, maybe younger, her body wasn't developed and her all-in-one swimsuit seemed quite immature.
She walked past without glancing past the showers into the hub of lockers and benches, not wanting to pass up an opportunity, I gave her the opportunity for a good long look by putting my head under the shower and closing my eyes. She had to walk past the showers again to get out, so I knew she wouldn't miss me a second time realising her mistake.
With eyes closed I worked the water over my body giving her the opportunity to experience a full frontal naked male. With my eyes closed my mind raced at the thought of being observed in this way and my penis swelled to a semii-rigid state, especially as I couldn't resist working the water over my **** giving it a bit of a fluffing. Now, it felt like my eyes were closed for about 5 minutes, but probably the expectation and exhiliration I was feeling, it was probably more like a minute at best. I couldn't resist any longer and chanced a glance, opening my eyes slightly I could the sight of the young female peeping round the corner from the coridoor, obviously having been observing me all the time. I moved my head in her direction and she quickly disappeared around the corner and back down the coridoor.

I stayed in the shower for a good 10 minutes after hoping she might come back (with a friend :D ) until I was joined by a couple of males coming in from the pool.

My biggest regret since was that I didn't stay under the water and put on more of a show, but hey... live and learn!
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Jan 9, 2013