I Love To Go Shopping For Sexy Stuff

I love to shop for sexy things that I try can try on wearing for fun. When I shop, I go to ordinary discount stores, first -- I mean stores like Kmart, Walmart and Target, mostly, to see what they have that I can get at modest cost. I also enjoy going to Plato's closet, too. The things I enjoy trying on and buying most are stuff on the proper edge of decency -- stuff like negligees, thongs and stiletto high-heel boots that I can wear outside, if I choose. Stuff I can shed in a heartbeat, if I want -- slutty stuff, too. If I can get it at normal discount stores, it costs a lot less. Victoria's Secret or other specialty lingerie stores, for example, don't fit my budget as well.

Shopping discount stores for ******** clothing can be hard -- as well as exciting, embarrassing or fun to do, depending on your point of view. I find I enjoy things like asking the sales staff how I look when I go by myself. I also enjoy going with friends so I can dress up and step out of the change rooms to see how I look. Guys there with there girlfriends stare when I going back to the shelves -- they just can't resist.

Depending on how much I push the limit, I get furtive stares, admonition from the sales staff to limit my trips, or (rarely) even requests to leave. Shopping for things they sell at these discount stores can be fun. It's like searching for gold where you think it might be -- where you find it. Being patient and careful, I buy some nice stuff for a breeze. Stuff like thongs and g-strings, stiletto heels and boots --even nice sexy spaghetti strap slip dresses and tops I can use to lounge around in, too.

What I also find, as I go shopping, is I get very wet. Better yet is going shopping with a friend. Then I can try on stuff with someone else for advice on how I look, how practical it is and pure voyeuristic whims.
JanieNudiePants JanieNudiePants
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7 Responses Jan 14, 2013

You are my kind of shopper. I'd love to shop with you. I'd even buy you a few things just to see how they fit (or don't. LOL).

Nice story. I live to take my wife shopping and do the same things. It's amazing to see her reaction when others catch a glimpse and see the effect it has on her. Keep it up.

Nice, I'd sure like to be at the store you decide to shop in. I'd love to see you all slutty...

Actually, all you have to do is go shopping and watch!

I'd love to go shopping with you! Something tells me that you'd be all kinds of fun and entertainment!

You can making shopping fun enough any man loves it.....


Right, I understand, sort of. The deal is, for me and maybe its men in general, you could be the most beautiful woman in the world with the greatest personality, and after maybe 15-20 minutes, I'd want to do something else. Maybe its a hard wired thing.

I think its something like that.... I've almost never had a man who wanted to go shopping with me and then didn't gradually lose interest.... I mean there are so many other things....

I don't like shopping for my clothes, and I like even less going shopping for women's clothes, but what you describe......well.....that would hold my interest and not only would I look forward to the trip, but also to the apre' shopping action.

I never understood why men don't like to go shopping with me.... for nice stuff I mean. You would think they'd enjoy it as much as a date, except for the $$$$.

Ahh would love to see picsx