Older Woman

When I attended secondary school, I would always go to my grandmother's for my lunch. She lived close by so it was always convenient. What was also nice is that my grandparents were rarely in over lunchtime, which gave me the opportunity to work out some frustration, if you know what I mean.

I was becomming more and more into exposing myself, so I often found myself stripping naked and looking out of the window for an opportunity to be spotted. Unfortunately I was very rarely spotted. However, one day I was, as usual, ******** naked when I saw a woman walking down the road. Seeing my opportunity, I tilted the blinds in order to give her a good view if she did happen to look into the house.
I'm not very good with ages, but this woman looked probably late 40's, early 50's. I might be doing her injustice, maybe she dressed older than she was. So anyway, there I was, a 14/15 year old schoolkid, start bollock naked in the window wanting to be seen, and luckily she looked. Having caught sight of my skinny frame and semi erect penis, she continued to look until passing the house, I would say about 8 to 10 feet away. Obviously thrilled by my exposure, heart pounding I *********** in the bathroom before dressing and returning to school.
The best thing was, now the woman knew where I was, she would always look for me in the window. I had a regular viewer! She would start crossing the road from the other side later, so that she would have longer to spend walking towards me, getting more of a view in the window. I would often see a half smile on her face, which gave me the confidence to start doing more, playing with my penis to make it harder, stroking it for her.
This continued for months, broken only by school holidays, and sometimes lunch practice for me.
Then one day, for some reason, I had to go back to my grandparents one night after school to be picked up by my mother. When we went out to get into the car, my mam shooted hello to a couple working in their garden a few doors down. The greeting was returned and this couple stopped their duties and came to have a conversation with my mother. It was then I noticed it was the same woman that I had been stripping and playing in front of all this time. So there she was, having a conversation with my mother, I just slipped into the car, trying to hide my embarrasment and shame at having been doing this in front of a family friend! At one point the woman, looked into the car, and said to my mam, 'hasn't *my name* grown up!'

From that point I was obviously relieved that she hadn't said anything to my mam, and from that day I stopped my regular ***** and play for her.
But now, all these years on.... she said nothing to my mam, I'm guessing she said nothing to her husband, just what if I'd carried on...

I kind of think now, she might have enjoyed my little displays, and, well, who knows, maybe one day she'd have given me a hand?
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Whether she liked your displays or not, she was perceptive enough to know they're a normal part of growing up... and chose not to make a big deal of it.