I Hate Snow!!

I really hate snow. I hate how it looks and feels. I hate walking in it, shoveling it, clearing it off of my car and driving in it. Most of all, I hate wearing all those winter clothes.
A few years ago I decided to clear the snow off of my back patio. wearing only winter boots and nothing else. That was not a pleasant experience. I nearly froze. My nipples were so rigid that I was afraid that they would never get back to normal. Fortunately, there was no permanent damage. I like it when they get aroused, but for other more interesting reasons. My advice is, don't try doing anything this crazy!
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would had liked seeing you out there
good thing the door didn't lock behind you great story

Hard and poky nipples are exciting!

Lol, great story! I bet that was pretty uncomfortable!

Doing crazy things can be great fun...lol

That was fun at first, but I won't do it again.

I understand why...lol
But the thought was great!

You could wear a flimsy top for a little coverage!

i hate snow as much as you,but if it made all the sexy neighbors do what you did bring it on.you have some lucky neighbors

That is why we moved from Alaska to Mexico. The nipple effect sounds nice though.

We are nudists and we hate clothes like you do. We only accept wear clothes if these are necessary to protect our bodies. You simply need protection against low temperatures. It means, in the whole summer you can be safely nude. And always in your house. That is quite something. But not outside when it's freezing...

That's why I live in Arizona, it's warm here most of the time. Less clothing needed.

We have days in January when it's 80deg.

That sounds great to me.

I lived in Northern California most of my life, it didn't snow there but it was cold and damp during winter months, no fun to be outdoors naked. In AZ it's nice most of the time.

I have always lived in New England. I would love to live in Hawaii. Not much chance of that.

I've been to the islands several times, and yes the weather is very nice there, even when the weather is crummy it's still pretty nice.

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I hate snow too, and we get so much of it here...

I know you do, Do you have any yet?

Thank God, none yet... we had over 12 feet last year though, so I'm in no hurry for it to start!

i love snow, i love being naked in the snow. let me warm you up, and show you how much fun it can be ;-)

I thought we did that Friday night. So you want to do it again?

LOL! I like your adventurous attitude! And I would have loved to have seen you shoveling like that! I too hate snow, that's one of the reasons I moved to Florida! Spent many years in the Northeast with cold and snow and never plan to do that again!

:-} Good for you!

Nudity is great as long as you're not cold for too long

Reminds me of an old seaside cartoon of boy looking over the fence of a nudist colony with snow on the ground. The caption read I am only looking at the blue **** :)

I too have the confidence to be naked on the beach, by the pool, in our garden or with friends.

Even wirh central heat, I still get too chilly to be naked. I guess I am basically cold blooded. I am in a t-shirt and jeans until April or May. I just hate it.

Even wirh central heat, I still get too chilly to be naked. I guess I am basically cold blooded. I am in a t-shirt and jeans until April or May. I just hate it.

Hey I know what you mean .I hate winter full stop hate having to dress up like an eskimo to go out .I hate clothes they feel alien to me so spend every moment I can naked thank god for central heating so can be naked all the time at home .

Still. Would of loved to see your nipples afterwards.

I would have appreciated the help. My husband thought I was crazy. He went out, appropriately dressed, to clear the snow from the front of the house. If you had seen me, you probably would have just laughed. This naked lady, wearing big warm boots shoveling snow and looking grouchier by the minute. I'm sure it was not a very attractive sight.

That nust have been quite a shock. I know how cold I felt with just the cold air on my skin. I hope the snow was light and fluffy and not that awful hard packed stuff.

I know that after you warmed up that she no longer could call you "tiny" . It must have been fun to watch you thaw out.
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