It Finally Happened!!! My Boyfriend's Dad Saw Me Topless

I'd been waiting so long for this opportunity. When it finally arrived, there was no way I was going to miss my chance.

My boyfriend and I fancied a break away, so we decided to fly out for a week to stay at his family's villa. When we arrived we discovered we weren't alone. His parent's flight had been cancelled, and so they were forced to extend their stay, just for another day until they could get another flight home.

On the first night, we all went out together into the old town. We had a nice meal, met some of the locals, and got to sample some of the local food and drink.

I couldn't wait until the next day, when I got the first real opportunity to take a load off, and enjoy some nice, relaxing, peaceful time under the sun.

I went out in the morning in my bikini to lay on one of the sun-loungers by the pool, and it wasn't too long before I was joined by both the boys.

My boyfriend's dad I have to say, was looking extremely tasty in his little black swimming shorts!! He's obviously been taking good care of himself in the gym. He has such a sexy body for an older man, and his skin had turned a beautiful brown colour in the sun.

After lying out there for a few hours each of us were positively baking under the scorching hot rays. The temperature was somewhere in the mid 30s, so we all had to keep replenishing our sun-cream and drinking lots of water.

As we approached one in the afternoon the sun began to shine down from directly above us, it was almost too much to bare. There was perspiration pouring from every single crease in my body. My skin was already nice and brown, but the layers of sun-cream had made me very oily, I needed to do something to cool off.

I sat up on my lounger and I tapped my boyfriend on the leg, pointing behind me to where my bikini top strings dangled down my back.

I lifted my hair over my shoulder to give him an uninterrupted view, and as he pulled on the strings I felt the soft material loosen around my breasts.

My top started to gently drop exposing both my nipples, and as he passed the bikini strings over my shoulder and I let the whole thing fall into my lap.

I was finally topless!!! My **** were free for him to see.

It felt so good being naked in front of him. He was still quite a few metres away, laid at the opposite end of the pool, but the thought of him, soon, seeing my bare breasts was getting me really excited!

I stood up straight, tossed my hair behind me, and stuck my chest out to try get his attention. The anticipation was getting me so hot and sticky. I could feel the moisture from my ***** building, forming a puddle in my bikini bottoms. I was so looking forward to this!

I set off walking confidently down the side of the pool. I suddenly became really aware of my naked **** and how much they bounced when I walked, I was beginning to enter his field of view.

As I drew nearer a huge wave of heat passed through me, it felt really good, almost primal, instinctive, like I was trying to allure him in.

I approached his sun-bed and was only a matter of metres away before I could feel his eyes on me. There was an unbelievable feel of sexual tension in the air. I almost felt like he wanted me.

He was looking right at me, at the curve of my breasts, at the width, colour and shape of my nipples - I felt completely exposed. I was under surveillance, at the mercy of his gaze....and it was super hot!!!

The sun was bouncing off my nipple rings, like two brilliant white lights, as if to draw even more attention to my breasts.

As he stared, I continued ahead right past him, without breaking stride, like I was on a mission.

He was now right behind me, and I gave him the perfect view of my *** and naked back.

Only a thin triangular piece of material stood between him and my most personal body parts, I felt so naked! It was amazing.

I put my hands onto the rails, about to lower myself in, but before I could put my toe in the water I felt a great surge of energy deep inside me. I'd got such a rush from giving him a view of my ****!!! It felt like my legs were going to buckle from under me, like it was the beginning of an ******.

I kept my cool, and climbed casually down into the water, whilst trying to hide my obvious satisfaction. I'd just run the gauntlet, completely topless, and lived out a fantasy of a lifetime!

It felt so damn good teasing him, especially as he was unable to say a single word.

Whilst I danced around in the pool, neither of the boys could take their eyes off me. To be honest, my strut down the length of the pool had been quite an impressive display, I was very pleased with my performance.

After a few minutes frolicking by myself I got out. This time when I was to climb out of the pool, I was giving my boyfriend's dad the full frontal view!

I gripped the hand rails and put my foot on the bottom step. With each climb to the next I stamped my foot firmly down, making sure my dripping wet **** bounced right in front of his eyes. The water trickled almost suggestively down my nipples.

After getting out I paused to shake the water out of my hair, I was loving every second of it, and I didn't want it to end. It felt so tempting to take a cheeky glance at him, but I thought it was best to give him the show, and then walk away coolly without making eye contact.

I walked away slowly, enjoying every step of the wet parade on my return.

As I approached my sun-lounger my boyfriend gave me a look, as if to say, "what the hell was that?" But I didn't respond. I wanted to continue enjoying the moment.

I laid back in my sun-lounger and let the sun dry the water from my bare ****.

The awkward silence that remained meant the brief show I'd just given had the desired effect.

I continued laying there topless for the next 30 minutes, until my boyfriend's mother called us all in for lunch.

There was a tense, steamy atmosphere at the dinner table. I hadn't re-applied my bikini top. Instead I chose to put on my white, slightly see through camisole which happened to give a perfect view of my nipples.

My table manners that day were impeccable, I made sure I was even more polite than usual! I was the sweet, innocent girl I'd always been in the company of his parents, but when it came to pass the potato salad across to his father I gave him the perfect view as I leaned forward, just to remind him once more of what he'd just seen.
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Wow, what a girl, what a story! I'm all hot under the collar! :-)

I'd love to see your **** . Got any photos of them ? if so , send to my inbox ?

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What a great gift you gave him, one that I am sure he continues to remember. I hope one of my son's girlfriends would give me the same

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Wow you know how to treat us older guys. Most young ladies think that just because we got older, we should give up the pleasures that we have enjoyed all of our lives. Thanks for showing him and wish I had been there to see also.

Awesome story

Most excellent adventure! feel free to add so we can share more of your fun and some we have had as well...