Homemade Exhibbing

As a rule I don't wear much at home.  I am usually found in a T-Shirt and panties and nothing more, however there are days I wear less or more depending on how chilly the house is.

I know that our immidiate neighbors have "spied" on me on occasion as I have noticed their blinds have a crack in them when I have been in the kitchen. I guess they have been taking note of what I wear, or rather don't wear, and when they feel a little bold they sneak peeks.

We also used to have a voyure across our street in a basement suite who would try to steal glimpses into our living room when I was on the sofa.  He would stand in his window with a light on behind him looking over towards our place.  Back then I wore mainly lace baby doll nighties that were only as long as a mini-skirt, with spaghetti straps holding them up, and nothing under them.  I'm not sure if he could tell there was just bare skin under the nighties or not. 

He may have seen more than I was aware of, as I didn't want to be obvious when I glanced over, to see if he was in the window or not.

Our neighborhood is hard one to tell who is who, or what they are into, so I am being discreet as to how much I do or how much I show...and for whom.

Seanachai Seanachai
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well i have neighbors close, but inside our home is reasonably private.<br />
<br />
I enjoy being nude as I please in the home. <br />
My rule is simple if they choose to spy in, thats fine, but I'm not paying for the therapy!

Damn, why can't I have a neihbour like you? You rock :)

Safety -or rather the level of risk you are wanting to take is usually the first thing to be planned and what starts the ball rolling.

No such thing as unplanned exhibitionism. LMAO!

I love exhibitionism but I have never actually planed it.

Another aspect of exhibitionism-gradually selecting the captive audience and teasing them to make them a captive. Sometimes one of the biggest thrills can be in the "cat and mouse" hunt for the active exhibitionist and voyeur(s). The grey areas -the ones where you know you are close to having an active captive but haven't quite hooked them can be the biggest thrill of all. Being an exhibitionist is a lot like fishing: the thrill of the hunt; trying various baits and lures to seduce your captive; the teasing and taunting with the different baits; the seemingly unceasing "nibbles" of promise until finally they strike and the thrill of the capture begins to kick in. But a lot of the thrill is still in just getting out to the water...preparing for that big catch as much as it is in the hunt for that big one. Oh ya and the beauty of the exhibitionism is that it, like sport fishing, is "throw back" or catch and release" because the best thrills are perpetual catching not keeping. Keep that rod and reel spinning...

The nude one is right. It is fun to be an exhibitionist, but be very careful that someone doesn't decide to touch or have what he is seeing.

While showing all is great, safety is paramount. So please ensure your safety first and your liaisons second.