Baby Exhib In the ***** Club...

I'll leave it up to those who read this to decide if this is exhibitionist or not.

It was one of my first visits to a ***** club in Edmonton with my then fiancee.  I dressed in one of my naughty Catholic school girl outfits which was a red plaid skirt, a white shirt with the words "DEVIL OR ANGEL" on it and a little slice of cleavage seperating the word DEVIL. 

We sat in "gyno row" which is right at the tip rail and enjoyed the dancers as well as the drinks.  We arrived in the late afternoon or early evening....that way I could see the dancers do more than just one floor show.

My fiancee and I bust out laughing when one of the dancers came on stage in a naughty school girl outfit very similar to mine...white shirt, red plaid skirt.  The dancer saw me and thus began a flirtation during her dancing and pole tricks. 

I noticed the men around "gyno row" were looking at both the dancer and myself and I was just new to the whole concept of exhibbing at the time...just emerging.

I finally gathered the boldness before her floor time was finished, and when she came back to flirt with me I made some comment about would she like to see what was under my skirts...she smiled and said yeah...So I stood up and flashed her my G-String that was black with bold white letters that said "I LOVE *******!"

The dancer broke into laughter and the men in "gyno row" got a thrill they didn't anticipate.  A couple of them thought the dancer and I were a duo.

My fiancee had a strong feeling I was going to do something and was pleased when I did.

I still have the poster/promo from that dancer even now.

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fantastic story

wow this is hot

It was a natural reaction and some will say it was exhibitionistic others not, you just have to decide if you like doing that or not to really know if you were moved by the moment or another force within you!