Pierced *****

My hubby had been asking me for such along time to get a **** piercing. I wanted it done but was really embarrassed  to show my ***** to a stranger let alone let them touch it. It took me weeks to build up the courage and when finally i decided i was going to go through with it the next decision was to decided if we wanted a female or male to do it. My hubby really wanted a male i was leaning more towards a female. After a couple days my husband had convinced me to get a male piercer  so i made the booking and found out that there shop only has female piercers for the type of piercings i wanted. The day had come i was nervous as hell hubby was over the moon. Thankfully she was very discreet and polite so that made me more comfortable. I ended up having 3 piercings done and hubby was ever so happy he seen another female touching my *****. Now he cant stop showing them off

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010


Have u shown off ur piercings to anyone other than ur hubby??