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I am the sum of echoes and shadows, a dance of matter, energy, and essence stemming from a history of incident and causality with no discernable relevance to me. My being is resultant of uncertainty,  born of  the implied effect of causes never actualized. Of the laws of nature, the necessary framing required for free will to exist, has drawn me from the well of potential.  

I am aware and I am inevitable in a universe of infinite possibility. I rise from the nature dictated by the creator. Works under my hand are sanctified by my will and defined by my sentiment, it's form flows from my heart.

I exist in the court of heaven and earth, I am the objective narrator and the subjective narrator, Through debates of trust, I have sat in the gallery. Through debates of principle I have served in the first person chorus. Through trails of morals I have stood as the third person orator. In review of dogma I have sat both in the house of shadows and the house of light. I have refuted the antiphon, and praised the metatron, I have a voice. I have guided the principle canon, and advised the first justice. I have labored under the chief facilitator.

I exist in form and function, I am illuminated by grace. I am proletarian in gods temple, servant in his house.    

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36-40, M
2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Use of "antiphon" as a title is pretty esoteric.

All I can say is "WOW". You do have such a way with words. I applaud you.