This experience has the best title ever.

Also, I don't agree with the time frame, but it does seem that unless climate change cripples the developing nations, China (or maybe India) will surpass the US, and the ridiculously precarious financial position (seen the US foreign debt lately?) will cause a major humbling in the political, economic and cultural fronts. Probably not by 10 years though, give it a bit longer.
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Yeah, I'm 30. Retirement is going to be fun. I'd suggest looking into investing in those "Emerging Markets" if you want to be in decent shape come 2040. I'm getting the bulk of my $$ out of the US, that's for sure.

Think it will be sooner then later. America (who I love as as a close neighbor) needs to stand up and be counted, it appears to not have a Congress that is truly representing the people. People Speak up! The world is waiting to hear you! VOTE, as a caring Canadian I am concerned! Sometimes I think Lou Dobbs should be president.

i think you're right and wouldn't it be a nice dose of medicine for the american elitists? (i'm an american so i can say that! hehe) in all seriousness ... i believe it just might be the very thing the US needs to get it together again because things are in serious chaos over here. we need some major revamping in about every facet of government, judicial system, ecomony, military, and so on ...