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I think it is amazing how everyone thinks this whole world is coming to an end yet no one knows why.  Everyone wants to blame someone or something, the truth is this is what is supposed to happen and the blue print is in all in the Bible.  I am not a hellfire and brimstone type of person, but none of what goes on today or in the near future is surprising to me.  Neither is it anything scary.  There is no sure time but it is sooner than we think.  The word says in a blink of an eye.  that is pretty amazing, and as anyone can see everything that is to happen is in play right now as we speak.  It isn't a mystery about the changes in weather, it says in the word that we will not be able to tell the seasons apart.  There is no mystery about the costs of living going up, or the countries rising up to fight this great nation.  It is in the Word .  The only reason I am commenting on this particular subject is because , look at China....Watch the news , read the Bible.   The prediction is right there, and it wasn't by a modern man that these predictions were made .  So no I am not afraid , I have great peace about how I am going to be taken care of , The Word says that He(God) will not see the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.  i know that is true and i stand on that,  I wish more people would have that kind of peace too.
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I think many share your opinion of what the bible predicts and what is happening today in the world.<br />
If anyone reads the book of Revelation, I think to similarities would amaze them in many ways.<br />
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I would expect to be attacked because of your beliefs in this post. Don't let that bother you, it is to be expected in an open forum of this magnitude. Keep the faith.

The end of the world has been predicted since even before the bible was written. Every generation has had someone thinking that it was the last one. I personally dont think the bible is any different from any other "ancient manuscript" prediciting basically the same thing (though I am in no way criticizing your belief and faith). Someday it may all come to an end as all things eventually do, but I do not for one minute believe in "prophesies" and predictions on any long term and uncertain scale. Men have always tried to see the future, and man has always had "doomsday/ paradise" scenerios. I believe that anyone who examines the way things are carefully enough, can "predict" what is going to happen in theory if things continue as they are. Things change, this planet has gone through several upheavals and changes since its beginning. And we are most likely going through another of these changes again. It could constitute the end....but it could also be another shift and life will go on. This world is not the same one our ancestors shared, and it will not be the same one our decendants will share. If life as we know it comes to an end, if the planet itself ceases to be.....there is nothing we can do to stop it, we can only tend to our own affairs and work on solving our own problems in order to better our existence here.

Yeah I'm not advocating defeatism. I also think that biological life will survive such catastrophes but maybe at very low levels, well past the human level. There's evidence that the earth has had several periods of evolution followed by destruction and regrowth again. I just wonder when the next destructive phase will be. The Yellowstone volcano is on a 600,000 year cycle but I hear it is at 620,000 since the last explosion. Maybe it won't explode for another 50,000 years but then again maybe it will tomorrow!

Though there may be a slight statistical likelihood of decimation. I'm still in favour of a long future. The evidence suggests a long future. Even if a meteor hits, biology will survive. It’s not a positive mindset to consider the end right around the corner. I think of it as defeatist. Cross those bridges when we come to them, as my mum says.

Well smebro, I agree with you somewhat, but there are things that could destroy the earth whether you believe in god or not. A meteor comes and smacks the earth and turns us all into primordial slime all over again. Or the Supervolcanoes (Yellowstone National Park has the largest and is overdue for eruption) that would do massive damage to the earth. Thanks for responding Luvbugg, I just got around to checking it. I agree that we are closer in our beliefs than I might have thought at first.

Cough cough. That’s what I think, cough cough. there will be no apocalypse for Christianity (or as according to Christianity) nor will there be any of the countless other foretold apocalyptic events as told by other religions. ( This is what you get when you align reality with Pagan belief structures...nonsensical non-facts. <br />
Humanity looks like it will be around for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time (That’s right, I yelled it), and there not much we can do...except try and make a good future rather then dwelling on a fake one. Be more positive and realistic, that’s my advice.

If you had really read what I have writen you would rethink how you came back at me, I know that the "Great Us " is first to be attacked, i didnt say it wasnt, and i said when not if God comes to get us, it has nothing to do with where in the world any of us believers live, it will happen all at once at the same time, He doesnt say in His Word that one year he will get the US and in a month or so He will take another part of the world. I am at peice because I wont , like all the real Christians, i wont have to live through the disaster that is bound to come(and fast I might add), because I know that I am redeemed and saved from all that. My comment was directed towards those who fail to realize just how close the "end" really is. I simply commented on how it is not because of a certain politician or deteriorating ozone la<x>yer, it is because it is supposed to be this way and not one person can change it, if they could then that person would be the anti christ because God makes no mistakes and is a man that can not lie. You can believe it however you want to , but what I know to be true will never change. <br />
My example of China was an example. For so long china has been quiet, now all the sudden they rear their heads and yes it is directed right to us. The Bible talks about the dragon that rises up from the dust, China's famous for symbolizing themselves with dragons. I am all for the veterans that fought long ago and the soldiers that fight now, i sympathisize with the families and the soldiers , and am married to one. I know alot of them that turned there backs on the government and all that ours stands for right now because when in the service , in the past or now, now so much more about it that makes them sick. They fought because they are good men and women, they serve their country because it was the "right " thing to do. They killed innocent people and children that was not necessary. I agreee with you on the fact that the US is responsible for all of the killings . So you see my friend we are not so far from each other when it comes to this subject, I pray that you know Jesus and if not that you will ge tto know him because once again the time is closer than we think.

I'm glad you've found peace on this subject but you seem to believe that somehow America is the great land of the innocent being "risen up" against by other nations (China). The US is the nation that has killed far more people in war than any other nation since WWII...If god is coming to get us, the US will be hit first and hard...