Sooner Or Later

It will happen,but I dont know if will be a good thing.I keep threatening to move to Canada cuz I get tired of this countries crap.I am sick of hearing about it all the time.I think that it will take the right kind of politicians to see our country through that kind of situation.And we all know that the right kind never gets elected.
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1 Response Jul 8, 2007

Yeah i am tired of this countries beating around the BUSH instead of the real issues!! They think now one can see their games. I moving out by July of 2008 i feel sorry for the people that stay here.... Great distress comes on this nation. I mean, after all foreigners running the ports here, the Mexico border is open, with all terrorists threats directed at the US! This is insane! <br />
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They will take all the expense into the billions and lives of the military in the thousands to defend other territories. But it's to expensive to secure our borders.. Insane logic. No real economy here from selling abroad to strength our infrastructure economically. We buy everything from china, Europe India etc. The budget debt is insane. Even customer service jobs and technical support is gone to India and the Philippines etc! The economic stress and lowering of job pay and benefits because of illegal immigration that has been allowed! Letting china a communist country get so strong by continuing to make things over there and buying from them on top of that!<br />
The animosity towards the United States and international policies. The dollar losing it's value around the world<br />
and so much more... It's time to jump ship!! before it sinks!!! <br />
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ok, I'll shut up..