*** For Tat

Well, friends -

I'm writing from Good Old Germany. I was born in 1939, and so no one could blame me for having favored Nazism.

I only had to suffer from the total collapse of Germany. And I  benifitted of 'CARE' and other humanitarian organizations which helped us up. Thank you... But, strategically, you used us as a buffering state against the iron curtain. You fed us almost anything we wanted and needed. But it was your own concern all the time.

Your next encounter was the Korean War - which you lost and the aftermath of which you feel until today.

Then there was something about Cuba and the Pig Bay, followed by your Vietnam desaster, then you built up Taliban power in Afghanistan against USSR fighting there, and then it was Irak that caught your interest. Bush senior had been smacked off in the first Gulf War named 'Desert Storm', and so he sent his debile son George Blockhead Junior out for a second try.

You stengthened Saddam against  Iran...

You gave the Talibans weapons to fight the forces of the late soviet Union. You will support any dictator, until he holds enough

 oil under his soil...

The other day I heard someone pitying you, at last... He told me you were deeply depressed because you keep thinking how your oil came beneath the sands of  Trak---

I love you and your country, but I don't like your 'leader' whom I consider to be a dangerous ******* like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot...

Kissing and hugging the nation...

So what do you expect the world, especially the Arabian world, to think of you?

It is very sad that I feel compelled to say: Any assault against your country has been asked for by yourselves. Our parents were accused of having been addicted to an ******* like Hitler.

And you don't seem to recognize your George W. Bush being an ******* as well?


Poor great nation...

Genrik Genrik
66-70, M
4 Responses Jul 28, 2007

Wow, I haven't read the comments on your story yet but what you wrote is very powerful and has so much truth. I think history will show America to have become imperialistic and George Bush to be a true brutal tyrant responsible for genocide.

Interesting comments and views.<br />
Genrik, true what you say, yet with so much unspoken as well. America has always been the policeman of the worlds affairs. Mostly for the good, but like everything corruption comes in, at any time in an imperfect world. <br />
Chamz54, the spirit in your words is that of the policeman and the attitude that wins wars. <br />
JRSK, there is the truth! The root of it all, money! <br />
Canadians were fighting against Hitler, years before America got involved, and we are grateful America did. Not all Germans agreed with Hitler, but truly could not speak out, the ones that did WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? <br />
We up here in Canada are now enjoying parity again, (long overdue in my humble opinion), however what is sad, that really it is because your dollar is falling, not that ours is rising.<br />
America, why again and again you fail to speak at the polls, 85 percent of your congress should never have been elected again. Lou Dobbs in my hero. <br />
America we love you, you are a good neighbour, and overall the worlds friend, but please clean up your backyard.

You are right there. Our chancelloress would do anything to engross German wealth and importance abroad...

I don't think you have a firm grasp on life... but then few do.<br />
<br />
People... everyday people don't have control... for control it takes the mega wealthy... and there are plenty of German mega wealthy and wanna be mega wealthies too.<br />
<br />
It's not about nations, its about wealth.<br />
<br />
What were you doing about German companies violating sanctions against Iraq? What were you doing about anything other than pointing fingers at others. <br />
<br />
Here's a news flash... it was the soviets that forced Germany to be a buffer... not the US.<br />
<br />
Why do I feel like this is all a waste of breath?