well maybe not five or ten years, i'd say longer. but i fully believe america has this coming to them. honestly, im a bit surprised it hasn't happened. i was expecting bush to try world domination or something and get us into serious trouble which would have led to us getting our dues from the rest of the world. but he still has til the 08 election, eh? but if bush doesnt make that kind of move, i don't think well end up in this position for a while. the people up for election (and i am hoping it will be a democrat because then it would most likely be obama or clinton and thatd be freakin awesome) just dont seem like the type to get us into ****. and the only way this would happen, in my mind, is if the president and their little underlings, whoever they are, do something really, really, really, stupid. i dont think it would be internal, i'd say we'd have to get into a world war three situation, maybe all the illegal immigrants will regroup in mexico and then kill us? kidding =p

so we'll see when this happens but i'm predicting it will be soon.
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I feel the same, but I hope people will one day erase the lines between Democrat and Republican because they are now one in the same. We should be looking for a good candidate who is willing to fix the problems the Bush administration has covered America in, rather than a person from a certain group.