i'm assuming here that this group is referring to America. in case you haven't noticed we are already in the middle of an economic collapse and this country has been in an ongoing social collapse for many years. however what the people who live here and hate our country so much fail to realize is that economically speaking whatever happens here is just as devastating if not moreso in other countries. will this humble us? doubtful and it shouldn't. will this potentially destroy the economies of other countries? probably! look around the U.S. is far from the only country having an economic crisis right now.

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The US is relying on China buying our Treasury bonds. When they stop...we collapse. When that happens, the currency will be worthless and civil unrest, riots, survival of the fittest will ensue.<br />
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China, cares not for its' populace and would continue as a military government. It is in their best interest if the US falls. Do not kid yourself in believing they care about their exports. It is used only as a means to an end...that being the end of free societies.

I think it won't be long before things really get crazy here. There are a lot of people that don't like what is going on but aren't doing or saying much. That will change. People are going to be angry that the american way of life will be no more. This is why I am now armed....

ask an economist in ANY country and if they are honest they will tell you that the U.S. economy more or less controls the economies of the rest of the world. you can produce as much as you want but without someone to buy that product it is worthless

here is what i know about china. the economy in china relies very heavily upon exports. this means that people in other countries need to be able to purchase chinese products especially americans as we are the largest consumers of chinese (and just about every other countries) products. we are in a deep recession and the current makeup of congress is most likely going to make things worse which means that americans will be even less able to buy china's goods. this will inevitably lead to a severe recession in china. which according to cnn just the other day has already begun

they produce something.... yeah sure, but not enough. whatmakesyouthinkinot, there are way more job cuts happening in china then here, as of now, they will be hit harder because they has no Job security like we do. nothing ... if they don't make money they don't eat, they already have a food crisis but not the USA, they pay farmer not to produce food because there is to much of it.<br />
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Arrogance, no not at all but i read to much ...haha ... but if you can show or tell me other wise i am very happy to hear :)

thanks bluegeorgia!

Agreed Rick. Good post.<br />
Nice comment also erinjt.

I think there taking about America, i have not seen much action in this group ihaveanameitsrick. i agree, America is in a slump to say the least but nothing compares to other country's that totally rely on export for most of there money. take china, there in big trouble because not only did the screw them selves by rely Sollie on export and giving loans to export more but they have no protection if the market goes done. million are going to be hungry and sick. <br />
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its going to get pretty spooky soon