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I do think we're going into an economic and social collapse, but it's not only going to affect America. It's already hitting Europe really hard, and anyone whose economy relies on ours will follow.

It will be a good thing in the long run, because our system is broken and needs redesigned, as well as the fact that America has become complacent, recreation-obsessed and except for the military, defenseless. It's a recipe for the fall of a civilization.

But I don't think it's about being humbled. This is how the world works. There are rises and falls, and who knows what will change the course of history. As for opening our hearts to one another, what a lot of new agey rambling. What does that even mean? If we're focused on trying to survive and rebuild some kind of a safe society, we're not going to be thinking about world unity. We are going to be more practical, more inventive, more hardworking, and more courteous to those in our community, but also more cautious, because we won't want outsiders taking our few posessions or other governments trying to rule it over us. It's a chance for a new start, but there will be a lot of hardship first.

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Got no argument there...I hope what you hope for as well.

Well, I have a bit of a different view, but I see where you're coming from. <br />
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It would be great if we all lived in peace. But individuality is a basic right, and self-interest is part of our makeup, it is a human instinct. It keeps us alive in times of hardship, and makes us enjoy times of plenty a bit too much. But I think that instinct, which generally extends to immediate family, etc, is a good thing. Until the perfect form of government is invented, it's keeping us alive. Dogs have packs, chimps and dolphins have groups, too. And when someone inside endangers the group, they are killed or kicked out. When there's an outside threat, they unite and protect territory and resources, even if the attackers are of the same species. We may be able to come up with something better one day, but for now, there are aspiring despots, there are theives, there are those who won't follow the rules. I think we can work together as a country if we can agree on the rules, but it will be a long time before those rules extend to every country in the world. And in the meantime, I hope and pray that the government won't take away my right to better my own lot in life, to put my family first, to open a business if I want to, and to defend my possessions. I've grown up in a great country with some big flaws, and I don't want to see the baby thrown out with the bath water.

I agree that there will be much hardship to overcome. And it may take a long time to overcome this. But if people want to make America a different place, there will have to be the realization that individualism (taking care of #1), capitalism (which creates much of this social distance), superficiality, and apathy have not worked. Part of that means realizing that we have fogotten how to be a community that works together in unison. We are after all social animals like dogs, chimps, dolphins, etc. They remain succesful b/c they don't try to be something they're not like we do trying to fragment ourselves, create separation, forgetting that we must work together to survive. Not just create a system of interdependance that depends on a fundamentally fluctuating economy that's bound to collapse (and collapse our society). It may be "new agey crap" but this current inhuman form of existence if full of crap as well.