This Lession Is A Hard One In Reverse Also Expecting Things And Being Disapponted

It seems to happen a lot with me. I have lived in Aberdeen, Washington to learn that they usually have the 2nd Saturday of December with the Send Off of a Police Christmas Parade outside my Apartment at 8:00 AM. The first time it happen in 2007. Oh My?! What are the Police chasing after outside my block were I live. Cause at 8:00 AM on the 2nd Saturday of December about 20 police cars and a couple ambulances turn on their Sirens and Lights and it becomes this Eminent and Prominent Effect as each car caravans down the streets. I looked for it in 2008 and it happened. I looked for it in 2009 and it happened again. I looked for it in 2010 and it happened again. I looked for it last year and they had it then too. I looked for it last Saturday and Aberdeen last Saturday the 8th (2012), looked like a Ghost Town. Didn't have this event. What?! Is my Expectations getting pre-mature?   Maybe they will have it this next Saturday the 15? Or What? Is my Expectations changing these things on Me?

But for some reason my Expectancy of this event, Has Really Disappointed Me Greatly! In fact annoyed and making me frustrated.

Which? As this Group States! It's better perhaps not to Expect things, So I don't get Disappointed. And DOES! This "Disappointment" feel extremely Great under the circumstances. We as people need to find ways to dealing with our psychological ideas and moods and how to get control of them. Because they can lead us out of order. It's not easy to deal with. For me sometimes.

I'm not just disappointed but also annoyed and moody about this as well. What in the HELL?! Being "Disappointed" is a hard emotion to deal with.
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Dec 10, 2012