Yeah Almost Everyone In My Lif...

yeah almost everyone in my life disappoints me. whether it be friends letting me down. boyfriends not dong what they say they will. even just people saying they are going to do something but they dont. i always get disappointed
Queenohearts Queenohearts
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1 Response Jan 19, 2007

I feel the same, I think I am inviting the wrong kind of people in to trust, it's part of the's like I notice red flags and ignore them then end up dissapointed because the people I have now become close to and began to trust hurt me and end up stabbing me in the back. But if I were more careful about who I trusted in the first place maybe that wouldn't happen. I am trying to find solutions to the things in life that make me sad...if possible

I had a similar problem with someone who I though was my best friend. I knew she never treated me ring and everyone else saw that and tried to tell me but I done why I didn't listen. My problem is I trust people too much and I'm so selfless that I let it happen and never say anything about. So it just keeps happening.