People Are Unreliable

That's why I don't (or try not to) get my hopes up so high that when they come crashing down, they won't hurt as bad as if I had built them to the sky.  I know better than to put too much faith in people to come through or follow through with what they said they'd do.  That's also why I perfer to do things on my own, by myself.

In the romance department, 99% of the time, getting my hopes up for something ends up with me hating and bashing myself for even thinking that that person would feel the same way as I do about then, or that they would actually do as they told me they would.

filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Thank you for that TOT. :)

You are yet a very young woman, yet you have a very good sense of people and reality. I have learned the hard way through life to never trust because just as you said; hopes go up high for a good crashing down. Realities of the times, needs, words or romance when another is involved with words; the majority of the time they are but words from the lips with empty hearts to back them up, and being a man of God I can honestly say that I am not religious by the standards of man, but very close to God by His own standards that man and the churches full of hypocrites without stable roots have shown me very well over the years from the outside looking into something that I have never been apart of even with an eighteen year background. Please stay wise, and stay strong; and if you look directly to God without man in the middle He will help you. <br />
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Take care