I know I expect a lot out of people. However I make sure that I give them everything I expect back.  I don't think it's too much or unrealistic.  Granted, I am kind of a dreamer, but whatever happened to treat others as you want to be treated?  Damn, if I treated you the way you treat me, you'd hate me.  I just think that morals and manners are dissolving as generations pass (especially for me because I'm still in highschool).  This is probably why I only have a few "Real" friends (as opposed to the people you dont really see outside of school/work).  I've found that people just don't try enough in life.  They don't try hard enough to be on time, to make plans in the first place, to hold the door open for you, to watch what they say or think about your pov, etc.  Last time I checked, this means you don't care.  I've had people do all of this to me and when I try to explain to someone, I'm the only one who finds something wrong with it.  I am very passionate about things and will give my heart and soul to something I care about.  I understand not everyone is like that, but I just have a strong feeling that despite your personality, you should care about your friends, respect even things you don't agree with, and think about others before yourself. 

I question my self sometimes tho because i feel like I want everyone to think like I do(like Hitler)  Like i want everyone to care and feel deeply about life but idk if thats good or not.  They say people should be different and you should repect them for it but I just can't see the good in going through life without caring.

Here's an example =)  so I was sitting in my friends car when i was a kid. and i was drawing on the windows with my finger.  My friends mother then tells me that I owe her 5 bucks.  I thougt it was a small joke so I kept going.  Then she told me I owe her 10.  At this point I realized she was being serious and asked why.  Apparently it leaves streaks on the window and she didnt want to have to clean it (understandable).  But who would charge a kid 10 bucks for drawing on the windows?  why do people always want you to owe them something?  Why can't they just do something nice (like telll me to stop because it's bad for the windows) without asking for anything in return?  I consider this second nature and expected of every human being but I've only ever seen it from my grandmother (who rasied me and thus, taught me my manners).

I just believe in a more gracious world.

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Your not alone in your thinking - I've experience alot of what you have and I often wonder -am I the only who thinks this way? Is it really too much asking to treat someone with Respect and common courtisy, ? The thing is no matter how people treat me - I will always still treat them with respect that I would want to be treated with. I refuse to be like them..