Thing Get Harder Every Second!

When I was younger, I thought grown ups have it all. They don't have to go to school, nobody makes them do things they don't want to do, they are the king of their own life.

Now that I am a grown up, I see the hardships and worries that grown ups have to struggle with.

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

@Lacy: thank you for understanding, and as we grow older, things get tougher.<br />
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@trails: thank you very much for the advice, I really value your comment<br />
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@hotPinkGirl: Thank you so much for your comment, and you are so right, we learn so much from our mistakes.<br />
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@AshleyDyck: feels like I am among peers, life fools us all. I try to show the bads and good of growing up to my kid as well, hoping she has better chance.

Ahhh I feel the exact same way! I can remember SO badly wanting to be grown up! Like it was so much fun, so exciting. Hahaha. naive ;) Yet I at least have the pleasure in seeing my kids growing up..and telling THEM to enjoy it..and WHY they should that HOPEFULLY they will have a little bit more sense of what being an "Adult" is all about :D

You are so right about that!! Each stage of life has it's good and bad points. Some thing get easier and some get harder. And sometimes you can only learn from your mistakes.

Your words touched my heart.You are so right.When we hit 16 we can't wait till we are 21 we look to be out on our own.Little did we know there is so much more.I am a mother and a grandmother.all I can say is, don't change being you,believe in yourself and know how beautiful you are, stick to values and step out and be a leader a good one. take care and make your self proud of you.That is a start, know you are your weight in gold. My happiest days and years were believeing in myself.You will allways have a rainbow in your heart!The Great Spirt of this life will lead and help you.