My First Triple Penetration- Like To Know Your Comments

As I already mentioned my name is Mamtha. I had several triple penetration in the past with my husband blessings. He is open minded man and we always talk about our sex life. He used my every passage when we have sex. I knew that even with a dido can have double penetration. After seen that video we thought
that filling every passage at once would be a great thing. When I told my desire he willing accepted. Also he told be that he would like to see my feelings when I was sex with other guys.We were able to find two nice couples with same desires.
Both men were my husband's school mates. Tom and Alex married to Ann and Kelly.They are also handsome and pretty.
As arranged six of us went to very comfortable place where we found a king-size bed.All 3 women were half naked garments and purposely I did not where bra or under pant.
All of them decided to give me the first chance. We had a couple of drinks and my husband asked me to lie on the bed.Ann and Kelly came me unbuttoned my half closed bobs. They started sucking my nipples and same Tom removed my pants, started to suck my rosy lips of my ****. I have turn a little allowing Alex to put his middle finger with some oil. My husband was watching . As I couldn't bear the penetration got up and remove Tom's pant and took his big **** to my mouth. It was a big one more than 7 inches. I asked Ann and Kelly to remove other men pants.they removed and took there dicks to their mouth. Neil and Alex removed Ann and Kelly's cloths. All six of us are naked. My bobs got swollen and
**** lips became red and juicy. I told my husband I cant wait more.
Alex laid down on the bed facing up. I sat down on his **** facing tom allowing Alex to send his **** to my back passage inch by inch. My anal absorb every inch of his ****. Tom came in front of me and put his one to my ****. I thought my walls got torn as already one in my back passage. I invited my husband to join and put his one to my mouth. It went to my throat. Ann and Kelly came from two sides started to suck my nipples while Alex pondering my bobs who was under me using my back passage. What felling ,All three men started like machine with a rhythm. Ann and Kelly sucking my nipples and caressing my body. What pleasure. I was in heaven. Their tools worked for more than ten minutes and filled my all 3 holes with full load of ***. We changed the position had several time until we got really exhausted. My question is is it wrong if you do with understanding. Please comment on this urgently as I expect to share my other experiences in the near futute.
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I thought three down in the holes *** and *****. but yeah nice story. LOL

and why are the words **** and ***** sensored. lol, that why we came here inthe first place. -.-

Just FYI - We are now in our 70's and our more subdued sex life is still the memories of our wild times of DP's, TP's, stranger sex, *********, wifeslut and other kinky pleasures we enjoyed well into our 60's.

Keep on Loving (safely, of course)