Since always, every once in a while, i go like "Hey, i've seen this before"

Its about the most random things, like a scene that i often see in my dreams and forget(i hardly remember my dreams ever).. Then when its happening in real time, i remember seeing it all.

Like i saw my last day of 10th grade when i was in 8th grade. The exact amount of sunlight in the classroom, the kids...many of whom had not even joined our school when i was in 8th so i didn't know who they were..... everything was exactly as it had been in my dream.

This was only one of the more significant things that i had seen... Mostly, i see a normal conversation with a sibling or a friend, or a new place that i discover later(like a shop... nothing significant) or things like that. Its almost a laugh for people around me when i say, "Hey, i've seen that before!"

I wish it was for useful things.

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Ya i had deja vu since forever but unlike some my dejavu experiences are terrible. Whenever i feel that something gets familiar I get nausea, i throw up, headaches ruins my vibe for the whole day.

I've never met another person who has had deja vu as much as I have (not in real life anyway). Everyone always thinks I'm strange when I point out the moments it happens to me; it's almost like my mind experiences the moment before my body can catch up...<br />
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All of my experiences with deja vu have been very distinct, to where no amount of explaining away can convince me that the moment had happened to me before.<br />
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Life may be repetitive, but when you see ten seconds of a movie months before you've ever even seen the movie (a movie that was made before I was even born) it makes you wonder, that very moment when you experience deja vu, how the hell it seems so familiar, when everything else surrounding that moment seemed so very new and surprising.<br />
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I don't think there is any logical or scientific explanation for why deja vu occurs. I think the explanation is so far out of anyone's grasp that people throw it away as if it is of no consequence--that it's just some odd circumstance that doesn't need to be bothered with.<br />
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Regardless of how trivial that moment is (I've never won the lottery due to my deja vu), I think it's worth noticing and experiencing, perhaps even trying to get a deeper meaning out of it.

Hehe, Yeah. They say that's the actual story behind dejavu most of the time. But one can dream right?<br />
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Although i do believe something's fishy sometimes. :P

It happens to me all the time,<br />
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I used to think it is because I have 6th sense or something,<br />
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But now I think because it did happen before, my life is so boring every day is like other days!