I Am Too Young For My Age

i am 20 years old girl, but i look like i am 15 its so hurting when people make fun of you or dont take u seriously ,whenever i go out i find people staring at me i dont understand why at school i used to get bullied i dont have any self confidence in me i feel very bad or unhappy for not having my proper age at times people take advantage of me since i look very sweet and small due to this i often become sad and dont take any interest in studies ,just depressed . I am a single child very quite, so i just keep on thinking on all these things which makes me mad my mother tells me to forget these things and dont bother i dont understand how can people be so cruel. i wish someone is experiencing the same like me to come forward and give their views share their stories
rmemon rmemon
18-21, F
Apr 22, 2012