Lucid Dreaming Is A Powerful Tool

It takes practice, but in a lucid dream state you are aware that you are dreaming and in that awareness you have to ability to control to scope and the details even the subject matter. I can direct my dreams like a motion picture. I have been able to give myself superpowers, travel across the universe as well as turn a nightmare into an adventure. It takes practice and discipline, but I've taught others to do this and had very good results I have even been able to solve problems that were vexing me in real life and apply the soltuion when awake - as long as the solution didn't require superpowers of course.  I learned how to do higher math better while asleep.  I have invented books and read them while dreaming. It is truly amazing

It usually takes about a month or more to start actually lucid dreaming. But it is worth the effort.

Lucid dreaming unbinds your mind from the limitation you yourself build in and once you learn you will find that many of the limitations you have in life are really just constructs and not realy limitations.

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I have heard that the best way to have lucid dreams is to periodically ask your self if you are dreaming during the day that way it will be instinctual for you to ask yourself this in your dreams and the figure out that you are dreaming. Yes, I lucid dream and I use this tool.

Thanks for the comment Alarissa. I have dream walked and more<br />
I am reader of Graham Hancock, his book Supernatural is an excellent story of his journeys of discovery

Thanks Artsy. I really am not prepared to talk abotu the implications of lucid dreaming or what it might mean in this forum. I personally think that it is all rolls into the holographic theory of the universe , but it is deep stuff. What I do for sure is that lucid dreaming can be learned by anyone and once you learn to control your dreams you will open up entirely new avenues in your life.<br />
I use it frequently to solve work, problems, real life engineering issues I run into in my daily work routine<br />
Try it, enjoy it and it may take along time or it may come you quickly but hang in there with it and you will be rewarded

yes I have posted 6 steps in this group

will you share the how-to? ..... please

The internet is a great source. Just saying.

not a sales pitch, I sell nothing.<br />
It is just something I discovered quite by accident years ago but had no idea what it meant until I mentioned to this girl I was dating who was a Psych student. She said it rare for it to just happen usually people have to be trained.<br />
It is fascinating but I cannot do it all the time only when my dream are especially powerful or detailed. I have extremely detailed dreams on occasion, like going in a car I can read the labels on the dashboard, change the radio station, and all that it is like really being there. <br />
It takes maybe 2-3 weeks of effort to have your first and it will be only partial until you really get into it, maybe 6 months before you can exert a real level of control.

please share...I'll read you every day until I too can experience lucid dreams.. or is this a sales pitch? Hope not because I can't buy wants right now, just needs...but if what you say is true, I need this.