Old Friend Revisited

Well, it started off where most of many of lucid dreams occur, around the public school I used to go to.  (I always used to think that there was something spiritual around there) I was flying above the school, as I normally do - though it was more like hovering - as I was suddenly picked up by someone that I did not recognize. I asked, as he was carrying me further up the sky, "Who are you, I've never seen you before."
"Don't you know who I am?" He inquired, with a puzzled look on his face. "I'm Jim ---, we used to be friends."
I haven't seen him in many years, so I suppose if his face changed at all over time, it would have looked something like what I saw.  He flew up so high, above the clouds, even.
"I've never been this high up before." I said, unease clearly shown on my face. Again, he looked at me with his strange gaze of his. "I'm also trying to phase through walls, I've done that in some of the lucid dreams I've had before." He looked at me pleasantly, possibly proud, or satisfied, or even just reminiscing about the past.

Either way, I believe I woke up about then. If not, I can't precisely remember the rest.

I fell asleep quickly again, appearing again at the school. This time, I was more determined.  I started at the hill next to the school, jumped, and tried to fly as long, and as far as I could.  I repeated this until I went glided on a downward gradient, more quickly each time.  I figured my back was hurting, and that I should stretch it when I wake up. 
Oh, and there were other people there, but they just looked at me nonchalantly, as they usually do in my lucid dreams?

Could anyone try to decipher possible symbols in this lucid dream?  I know of flying to represent the need for freedom and individuality.

I blocked out part of his name, because I didn't want anyone to look him up on facebook.
EndlessWorlds EndlessWorlds
18-21, M
Mar 1, 2012