Was This Some Kind Of Lucid Dream?

I can't remember how it began..but I'm sure a lot of us can't tell how our dream story begins. But I was in an area all by myself...from far away I could see a huge crowd running towards me...after a closer look I realized they were zombies and I was the only human survivor. They were so far away and all the sudden they started getting close. Next to me there was a bench and I went to hide under it (not a best place to hide)....this is when I started realizing I was in a dream. From under the bench I could see their feet running past then all the sudden one of them slowed down and walked towards the bench and stopped there..I just knew he was going to bend down and see me..and he did!. He had this saw like thing and put it in my stomach...I could feel it! but not with the pain but an annoying pressure in my stomach which bothered me so much. I wanted to get out of that dream immediately and was struggling..but in the dream I knew if I opened my eyes reaaaaly wide my actual body would wake up...and that's what I did and woke in real life. I've used this method twice to get out of dreams where I was getting killed and it works. What other methods are there?
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When I have sleep paralysis if I focus really hard, I can kick one of my feet which shakes the rest of my body awake. The worst thing about sleep paralysis for me is that sometimes the position I'm prevents me from breathing(usually on my back) and I seem to be suffocating until I can finally get my body to move. In lucid dreams I have yet to find a way out. I must try that eye thing because my lucid dream are becoming disturbingly real and it kind of scares me.

You were telling yourself to wake up, because you knew you were dreaming. And if you knew you were dreaming, you could have conjured up another idea to rid your fear. Some lucid dreamers perform, "reality checks." A reality-check is something you do often in REAL life, so your brain programs it to work subconsciously in DREAM life. Example: when something out of the ordinary happens in the real world, one would pinch themselves and ask aloud, "Am I dreaming?" so when they happen to do it while dreaming, they realize, that yes, as a matter of fact they are dreaming! Which helps them to better control their own dream.

If you are trying to wake up, it might be that your body is experiencing sleep paralysis. That would explain how straining your eyelids to open could help you wake up. Another method would be to wiggle a finger or toe (or fingers or toes). The reason these work is because during sleep paralysis, the bigger muscles become the heaviest, and the smaller owns are easiest to move.

Hope this helps some.
Good luck dreaming!

Thanks. I've had sleep paralysis 4 times so I know what it is. I'd rather have a million lucid dreams where I can freely roam around than go through sleep paralysis and be stuck in one position. It's one of the worst things to ever happen to me and it's the last thought I have before falling asleep. I don't think I'll ever get over it.

Yeah, I totally get you. I would always get sleep paralysis until I began having random lucid dreams that I could actually control. I think sleep paralysis could be the beginning stages before actually doing whatever you want in your dreams, because I've read a few other people who experience the same thing.

I really don't know what to think of SP....I sleep on my couch with lights and TV on. It happened on my couch. During and after SP my tv was on same channel with same old man talking on tv. So I know I was 100% awake at one point I even managed to lift myself all the way to my waist and the rest of my body below was impossible to move..I struggled until the top half finally got paralyzed and had to endure the creature that crawled on my couch until it was over. Was I dreaming? hallucinating, did it actually happen? questions I'm still struggling to figure out.

Dreams with paralysis are generally the most realistic. Once I discovered I was dreaming, so I decided, "Hey, why not fly?" and while I was flying (I'm not sure how)- it came to an abrupt end. I was locked in sleep paralysis. I was kind of like, "Damn it" so I got myself out of it. Well when I woke up I got out of my bed and began stumbling and floating. It took me a while, but I finally figured something wasn't right, so I had to get out of yet ANOTHER dream. When I actually woke up, I had to do some serious reality-checks before I knew it was really real.

Another time, I was dreaming about something that had happened earlier that day. My friend and I were walking into a classroom, and a guy walked past us with his girl and told us a joke. So we all laughed (just as it had really happened) and oddly, the guy who told the joke kept laughing. His laugh got distorted and became demonic. I woke up in my dark room, unable to see anything but the wall next to be, unable to move, and I still heard his creepy laughter. It finally faded, but I still couldn't move. I felt like someone was laying next to me. I tried to call for help, but couldn't open my mouth. I took note of the air conditioner. I had it on, and I heard it on. I also fell asleep in the position I was laying. Was it real? I don't think it was until I actually woke up. But for the longest time I thought it was completely real. Also, when you're in a state of sleep paralysis, your brain is in another state; a state in which it plays tricks on you in the dark. So maybe that's what happened. I don't think it's something we'll ever be sure of.

Wow interesting! ha I'll stop talking for now it's night time and I'm about to get sleepy don't want any weird thoughts while I sleep. But I do agree with your last sentence.

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