Kiss, Lick And Suck

Yesterday a great idea bring me a beautiful evening. I sit on my couch looking to the TV and I attached a chain between Puss Inboot collar and a collar attached to my ankle.

“Kiss my ankle, lick my sole, suck my fingers…”

I was just gorgeous - can you imagine that I even get excited ? Puss is really good on that.   I had to ask Mistress Nefertiti to **** me or to allow me to ********** (I am not allowed to do this). She ask me why I don’t allow Inboot Puss to use also his hands. I assume that heshe is very good on that (probable Mistress Cold Nefertiti already test himher) but I did not want to give himher too much freedom (his hand was cuffed and also tied at elbows).

It was just gorgeous ! I like it very very much - it makes me so horny and wet ! I must repeat this ! Really !

Miss Nefertiti allow me to ********** - tonight she will use me as a total slave (that means that I will be tied to the bed and used until morning for her pure pleasure… I think she will punish me some how….)


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Sounds like you need attending to.