The Old Lady That Use to Live Here

The other night i was laying in bed with my dogs, and i was almost aleep,and my dog roxxiee started barking and nothing was there so i told her to go back to bed.. about 30 min after words i felt an unconfertable stare at me so i looked upand saw a glowing cloud of smoke, and about 2 min. after words it went away and then i laid back down. Then after about 10 min. later i felt a hand on my leg so my dog started barking and i looked up adn there was an old lady there i noticed she was the woman that lived at my house years before.. i dont know what to do help me please..

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alot of times, spirits are reaching out for help. talk to her and see what she wants. shes is clearly trying to get you to realize her presence, so realize it and just talk to her to see what she needs or wants. like the other person on her said, help her spirit rest.

Most spirits will not leave there homes. They will live there for hundreds of years until they are able to raise there vibration in order to move on. If you need help go to my web site and i can help you. Every situation is correctable.<br />
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You should talk to her. She is obviously a ghost of the person who lived there before you, her spirit has not rested... maybe she will leave your house if you help her with whatever is needed to make her spirit rest.