Myy Liife Now..uughh..

My boyfriend of three years, i found out the day after Christmas that he was cheating on me. I'm 7 1/2 months now but i found out they were together for like a month or so i called her and i asked what was going on and she told me everything she came to his house because i asked her to and he didnt know what to say he was just saying how wrong he was and how sorry he was and to find out they were sleeping together who knows if they used condoms thank god i didnt get anything but still its unjustified what he was doing and she told me they slept together when i was pregnant with our now 2 year old daughter.. he told the girl he wanted to stay with his family and asked if i would give him another chance i did and im trying to work on everything but i feel like hes lying all the time and idk how im gonna be able to trust him again.. I feel like nothing good ever happens to me and i just want to be happy for my kids and i dont know whether it was a good idea to stay with him or should i just move on..? I guess only time will tell and hopefully that time comes soon.........
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Jan 15, 2013