Experiencing the Experience Project.

There are other Experience Project related groups out there, but they tend to relate to friends and feedback. I felt that with the large number of deep thinkers and think-too-muchers we have here, that it'd be nice to have space to deep think and analyse what the experience of using the Experience Project itself is like.

That said, all the thoughts have emptied out of my head.

Try EPErica's blog entry on psychology for some food for thought in the meantime :)

TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2007

tumblindice has something there ... There's an expectation by society to share a certain amount and hide the rest. It's the 'acceptable societal facade' as I refer to it. People in the real world/in real life ... they don't want to know about you ... truly know about you. They want the surface stuff and when you attempt to share anything beyond that it seems to make them squeamish at which point judgements are formed. Unless, of course, you were fortunate enough to disclose to someone who is compassionate by nature - what I like to refer to as 'a REAL person.' Even those that are compassionate by nature are not necessarily going to relate to your disclosures ... I think it all boils down to finding people who you connect with on several different levels; commonalities & similarities in emotional being, ethical/moral being, personality & character, as well as intellect & rapport.<br />
<br />
But then again ... what do I know?

I love this site. i have made some good friends on this site. there is always someone online willing to talk to you. because you disclose so much and hide very little I think fears of being judged or rejection are diminished. Everyone discolses so much good and bad. There is no need to pretend as in real life. <br />
This site did make me want to be more truthful, bare my feelings and talk more with people I know who are not online, but when I did I was laughed at, judged and mocked. So back to this site, where I am safe. :)