The Power Of One

    Do you sometimes feel lost and namelss?
like a rain drop in the deep blue sea?
A snow flake on a majestic mountain?
A fleeeting vapour from morning dew?
A whisper hushed by competing voices?
A haunting note in melodies sung?
  Yes we are part of a wonderus family,
Yet still defined by the "Power of One"
One tree can start a forest
One flower can awaken the dream
One song can spark a moment
One smile begins friendship
One laugh will conquer gloom
One candle destroys darkness
One sun beam lights a room
One breath brings life eternal
One path will lead you home
One step must start each journey
One touch can show you care
One hope will raise our spirits
One heart can know what is true
One life can make a difference
  And the "ONE" is.......
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May 17, 2012